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Sparks Legacy - Part 4.1

Starting out with more romance for these two. I'm thinking I'll get them together, then move Anthony out.

Unfortunately, Anthony has other ideas...

Like this...

And look who walks in. Yet, she only complained they were in the way. She didn't actually notice. Huh. Maybe she's blocking it out.

Oh, look who can actually have a civilized meal together. Yeah. It won't last.

These two get along. Interesting.

Ari maxes Body Skill.

New puppy, Serah. I still name sims after video game characters. Just so you know.

Unfortunately, D.J. was quite old. He died happy, though. And left Sakuya $20,000. That was nice.

I do NOT remember asking her to fix that...


Another puppy, Melissa.

I noticed that Mia was on her way to becoming friends with Rocket Caton. Perhaps, we won't need a matchmaker this time!

New kitten, Olivia.

She's loved already! ^_^

So, since Sakuya never had kids, I thought I'd let her adopt one. Meet Amanda Sparks.

Serah grew up. Look at all that fluff! <3


And Mia moved to college!

And gets a makeover! I love her.

Now, let's introduce the roommates...

Allegra Gorey.

B.J. Goble, Mia's uncle. (Doesn't that happen every gen?)

B.J.'s fiance Gavin Newson. (And Frances Worthington, who might possibly fancy him.)

Julian Dashwood, one of my selfsim's sons.

And his fiancee, Nancy Philippine... daydreaming about another guy. :/

And lastly, Rosemarie Jitmakusol.

*Missing picture?*
Mia and B.J. become close pretty early on.

Mia is already spending so much time socializing and in class that she's not getting enough food and sleep.

Mia gets a call from Amanda. Aw, how sweet!

*Missing picture?*
And get a 4.0 on her first exam!

Mia wasn't the only one overworking...

In spite of my last minute efforts, Allegra flunks out. Poor darling. But Mia got another A+!

Frances also flunks out. :( Apparently, I'm showing some favoritism. (Except, I actually love Frances and Allegra...)

These two are doing well...

But if they weren't, this couple could have made me very happy.

Ready for something unexpected?

On a different lot, Tyler proposes to Ari.

And she accepts!

And Jim Goble proposes to Sakuya.

Back on the lot, they get married.

Olivia and Melissa grew up!

Anthony's having fun after the wedding...

They fall in love, so Anthony proposes.

Back at college, it seems like B.J. likes Frances' new uniform a bit too much... Frances rejects him. Maybe he doesn't want to be the other man. (Good on you, Frances!)

But B.J. tries again with a safer option.

And wins him over. They are cute, but... well, you should know by now how I feel about cheating. *Sighs*

And Gavin gets back from class, proptly spotting them. (Look at his face... :( )

I think Gavin deserves better (and B.J.'s pretty focused on Frances now), so I have B.J. break it off. It's hard now, Gavin... but you need someone faithful. Still, this is so sad. *Sniff*

I'm then informed that Frances and Gavin are no longer best friends. Yeah, I would think not.

Next day, B.J. proposes to Frances. I hope he at least stays true to this relationship.

*Not pictured*
And Mia changes to Psychology major, hitting the Dean's list once again.

After dancing with Julien, Mia rolls the want to fall in love. I think she also has a dangerous crush. :/ Forget what I said earlier, Mia. No more cheating!

Gavin gets a D on his exam and loses it. (This guy can't catch a break...) B.J. looks on at the damage he caused.

And proclaims that Gavin is hot. Well, you should have thought of that before. Gah!

Okay, this is pretty weird. B.J. falls down dead after I catch him eating nicely with Gavin. ...poison?! o.O;

Mia pleads for her Uncle's safety.

And wins, to the reaper's dismay. Gavin looks like he's showing some remose. ...or maybe, he's just scared of getting caught?

Great job, Mia!

B.J. goes on probation shortly after. And Mia gets her first B. Oops! ~_~;

Random Aw!

On another lot, Hillary asks Mia to pledge to this dying sorority. Hillary's the last left, and she just finished her last exam.

After a day, she moves in!

I finally send Rocket to college.

And it doesn't take long for this to happen! ^_^

Not long after, Hillary graduates.

And Hillary and Anthony get married, moving in with her family.

During the party, Ari catches Anthony "cheating". Darling, you had your chance. Time to move on. Hillary tries to pretend she doesn't notice. A recurring theme with her, I suppose.

Back at the house...

He didn't even let Sakuya plead! o.o;

Again! <3

The next day... :( Boy, Ari looks excited, though. I guess I should be happy for her?

First step in reviving the sorority, asking Rosemarie to join.

Well, this happened... :(

But they're still doing okay. Seems I thought he was in love, when he wasn't yet.

Shall we try again?


I gave Rocket a makeover. (Mia likes glasses!)

Seems to be working out!

Rosemarie earns the time to move in.

Mia gets another A+! And Rosemarie finishes her last exam.

Asking Nancy to join in her place.

Small fire. No big deal.

Except for Nancy... Eek!

Luckily, she still wants to move in afterwards. And Rosemarie graduates.

Another A+ has Mia on the right track for graduating with honours! Nothing much else happens besides studying the next semester. And another A+ comes easily! By the way, Mia rolled Knowledge secondary.

Last term paper finished!

The coach told Mia to work out, and she maxed Body skill. Out in the snow!

Then, she graduates! And uses her grad party as a chance to have her first woohoo!

A roof raiser party and graduating with honours! Mia, you are awesome!

And she gets a starting job as a guest lecturer. Whoa!

And brought me home from work with her. HeH. I'm old now.

Amanda grew into a teen and rolled Popularity.

Elsewhere, Rocket and Mia share a kiss for his graduation.

He moves in, and gets to know his future cousin-in-law.

Got another lamp.

I wanted a night wedding, but the ghosts are apparently in the way of the arch. Constantly.

Resorted to this.

Sakuya and Anthony are causing trouble in the background. As always.

Decided to give these two a honeymoon after that subpar wedding. (Though I think they were too in love to care!)

They're having a good time here!

Post-beach makeover.

And a closer one from before I was finished.

Sorry I kind of speeded through college and the honeymoon. But in the next updates, babies! At least, I sure hope so!

Sparks Legacy
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