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Song/Poetry - Synchronicity


Song/Poetry - Rating: PG - Category: General/Life

The past of my present. The future of my past. Synchronicity.



In front of my blurring eyes, the connection is much clearer. The people of my past stand around her. Me of the past. Uniformed in the midst of difference. Different for being the same. I know you. I’m reaching out.

You of my past, I can hear you. So far and dear now; I know you. Please listen to me. I’m screaming, I’m screaming. I’m screaming, I’m screaming. Listen, my darling. I need you, I need you. I know you can hear me. I need you, my darling. Please listen to me.

Watching, eyes flashing and memorizing. You knew then how important it was to remember. And these times they’ll slip away faster and faster. I wish I could stop it… could sit there with you.

Me of the past, darling, I must get through to you. It’s too late if I wait. I know you, I know you. I know you, please listen to me. I know you, I know you. I’m screaming out to you. I’m singing out for you.

Darling, these things now you do need to treasure. Look around you, I promise I’m there somehow. I know you. Please listen. I must get it out of my head. Things change so much. And yet stay the same. People go and will come back. And your heart will pound always.

I know it’s crazy, my baby. But someone will come in your life and take you away. I can’t tell you when. I can’t tell you things I don’t know, but I know you, I know you. Please listen. I’m calling to you.

Me of the past, I am with you, please listen. I can hear you in the marker of my past.  And see you, see you. I hear you; I see you. See you now. Don’t you believe that I see you? See you.

I can not say this enough right now. So many people you don’t know will help you, but still, it seems that the things around you now are the strongest pieces that you’ll ever have. And if you don’t hold on tight you’ll find them slipping faster than you could ever believe. There’s so much more than you can see.

Me of the past, I am you of the future. You see me inside you, already I’m building. You can see me somehow in your dreams. I remember the connection I didn’t understand then. Me of the past, I’m calling, I’m begging. I’m looking for something you need to retrieve for me. And I know that you’ll do it; I know you can feel it. I know you can see it. I know you, I know you can.

My darling, I will need you. There are things you must do now so that I can be. So I can be returning to something. Me of the past, I know it seems hard right now, but these moments will be slipping so fast. You’ll fall in love so many times it will seem crazy. People you’ll never expect will change your life.

Me of the past, listen closely. There will be people you would never expect, and you’ll love them in ways that you couldn’t see happening in a million years. There will be someone there. Someone, I can’t tell you who. There will be someone there. And he will save you. I can’t tell you who, because I don’t know it. I can’t tell you when, because I don’t know it. I wish I could. I wish I could push away from the ones you will love. But it’s important; you need to love them to become who I am now.

There will be one who your heart will never mend from. They’ll go away, and come back. And go away, and come back. And they’ll change, but it won’t stop your love for him. There will be one who is caught in her own web. But you will find her inside there. Connect the pieces, you will see her like no one does.

Me of the past, please listen. These dreams that you’re dreaming you must hold on to because you will fall soon. Doesn’t seem so soon, but it’s coming so quickly. And soon you’ll be sitting on this bed singing to you of the past. You’ll be there in my present, the future of my past. Future of my past.

I am close by, you know me. I’ll save you. Just think in your head what you want to be, I can’t promise I’ll be everything. In some ways, you’re much stronger than I am now. The magic, the power, the writing… it’s just starting. Don’t lose it you’ll need it, my love.

I know you, I know you. I remember you. I remember who you are. You see things so clearly some times, things you’ll need to save for me. You are something. You may never be anything to the ones around you. But you are pure. There will be people who need you too. Don’t forget, don’t forget me. Don’t give up. I love you, my darling.


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