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Fanfiction (Degrassi) - Three Days - Chapter 2

Three Days - Chapter 2

Short Story - Subject: Degrassi - Rating: T - Category: Drama/Romance

Day 2: Adam Torres - The Date: Adam finds everything that Fiona does magical. Things don't work that way for him. Is he cursed to play a gal-pal to the girl he likes?


~Chapter 2 - Day 2: Adam Torres - The Date~

...and that wasn't the worst part. I was getting my period.

"Damn it!" I hissed under my breath.

I had always been irregular. There was never enough to go by to plan for it. And of course, it always came at the worst possible times. I thought about my first encounter with Bianca and shuddered. It was like getting close to girls somehow set it off.

A frightening thought.

Fiona was just coming in the door. There was no time. I didn't want her to catch me slipping into the girl's bathroom to get a tampon from the machine. She knew, but it was still embarrassing.

"I thought she seemed really sweet," Clare had said, after she and Eli had talked to Fiona.

"A little snobby, though." Eli had said, rolling his eyes.

"Just a little," Clare had amended. "But she didn't seem to mind us asking a few questions."

"I can't believe you interviewed her," I had said, shaking my head.

"I can't believe you want to date Fiona Coyne," Eli had said. "But then, I never get the girls you're into."

Fiona sat across from me. She was beaming. "Hey," she said, as she put her bag on the chair.

"H-hey," I said. "How are you?"

"Great," she answered. "I can't wait for you to hear the band tonight. They're totally fab."

"Yeah," I said with an awkward laugh. "I can't wait."

It was the reason we were here. Fiona had wanted me to hear an up-and-coming band.

"They're a lot like Dead Hand." she'd said. "But even better."

That was blasphemy, but I liked her too much to say that. "Okay, um... so maybe we could meet up before...?" I'd asked.

"Sure," she'd said. It was hard to believe, but it had really been that simple.

And here we were, at the Dot. Our second date... or sort of. I didn't really know if our last meeting had counted or not. In fact, I wasn't sure if this counted either. But I wasn't going to ask.

"If you want, we could double," Clare had offered. "Maybe that would help you be less nervous?"

"I think that would make me more nervous, actually," I had told her.

So, Clare and Eli were at the movies instead. Now, I actually wished they were here. Being a girl, Clare might have been able to sneak me a tampon without Fiona noticing. It occurred to me that Fiona was a girl, too. She probably had them. But I was not going to ask.

The waiter came over to us. "Oh, hey, Peter." Fiona said. "I'll have a chicken salad, no dressing. And peach iced tea."

Something I'd noticed about Fiona was that she seemed to know everyone. Whether we were talking in the hallway or studying in the library. Apparently, she knew The Dot guy, too. I didn't know why that bothered me. Maybe it was the stupid hormones.

"Cool," Peter said. He looked at me. "What about you, man?"

I hadn't really thought about it. "Coke. And a burger, I guess." I said. "With mushrooms."

"All right, that'll be up soon," Peter said, heading over to another table.

"You look a little nervous," Fiona said, softly, after Peter was gone. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I said, quickly. "I'm fine. Just a little... stomachache." It was cramps, really.

"Oh," she said. "Sorry."

I fidgeted in my seat, waiting for the food. I had to think of something to say. Peter was back rather quickly. I dug into my food, rejoicing the fact that it gave me an excuse not to talk much. At least for awhile.

"You're so quiet," Fiona said, frowning. "Are you really sick or something? I could walk you home..."

My logical side was fighting against my feelings for her. I could make it up to her next time. A time when I wasn't having my period. But how could I let such a little thing get in the way of our maybe-date? That would be stupid.

"Don't worry about it," I said. "It's no big deal. I have them all the time..."

I frowned at myself. That sounded weird. Why had I said that? I was an idiot.

Fiona was staring at me, confused. Then, her eyes lit up. "Oh, are you..?" she asked under her breath.

I cringed. Damn it. How had she figured it out? I was so stupid. "Yeah..."

Fiona casually put her fork down and reached into her purse. She pulled something out, her long hair in the way of anyone seeing. Then, she put her hands under the table and smiled. I stared at her. Oh. Okay.

I took the tampon from her, our hands brushing against each other. It was like an electric shock. I blushed... for several reasons. I tucked the tampon into my pocket, glancing around. No one was looking. I got up and went to the men's room.

When I got back, Fiona had finished her salad. She was sipping on her iced tea. My heart was pounding.

"Hey," I said, sitting down. "Thanks."

"For what?" She winked.

Fiona let me finish my food. She stared out the window. Did she want to be elsewhere? Maybe I had been kidding myself. But she was smiling, rather serenely. "Looks like a crowd is forming."

I checked my watch. It was almost time for the club to open. "Crap." I said. "Sorry for taking so long."

She laughed. "It's practically my band. They'll let us through."

Her confidence was overwhelming. I imagined myself trying to push my way through a crowd. It wasn't a pretty sight. Still, with Fiona... anything was possible.

Peter came over to check on us. "Any dessert?" I shook my head. I was craving chocolate cake, but I didn't want to look like a total pig.

"For you, Fi?" Peter asked.

"No, thanks," she replied. "We want to get upstairs."

"Cool," he said. "I'll be right back with your bill."

When Peter brought the bill, he put it near me, but Fiona snatched it up. She was paying. Again. I frowned.

"I can get that," I said.

She ignored me. Putting the money under the bill, she stood. "Let's get upstairs!"

Once outside, Fiona effortlessly slipped through the crowd and started up the stairs. People didn't part so easily for me. She turned back, looking for me. She laughed. I tried to meet her halfway.

Fiona grabbed my hand, and my breathing took a turn. "Just hold onto me."

There were parts of her I'd have rathered grabbing onto. She pulled me up with her; I felt like a girl. Like Fiona was treating me like some gal-pal. I could just see Alli pulling Clare up the stairs.

We were the first ones in. The door opened for Fiona, like magic. Our date was feeling a little less than magical to me. If it even was a date. She wouldn't let me pay for her, she dragged me up the stairs, and she slipped me a tampon. I wanted to hit my head against the wall.

My thoughts started to get lost as the club got more and more crowded. "They'll be starting up soon." Fiona said. She really was excited.

I sighed. "Great." She couldn't quite catch my tone in the mass of people talking.

When the band finally got onstage and started playing, I calmed down a little. They really were pretty good. I moved around to the beat. The crowd seemed to be getting into the band, too. Fiona was kidding herself calling them better than Dead Hand, though.

"So, how did you discover them, again?" I asked.

"They were playing a little gig in a small club in NYC," she explained. "I'd just ducked in for a drink."

I nodded. Something reminded me that Fiona hadn't been old enough to drink, but the image of Fiona sipping a bit of champagne seemed somewhat classy.

Fiona giggled. "What are you thinking about?" she asked.

I cringed, realizing I must have made a face at her words. Stupid, stupid.

Fiona just shook her head at my non-answer and looked back at the stage. She didn't talk anymore, until the band had finished their first set. "Let's go and meet them!"

Fiona took my hand, but she didn't pull me this time. We walked together at the same pace. My heart pounded. Again.

"Hey, guys!" she called. The members came to the side of the stage to greet us. Several of the members leaned down to hug Fiona, and she let go of my hand to hug them back. I felt a little sick.

"How's our Fiona?" one of them asked.

"Fab, as always!" Fiona said, smiling. "Anyways, this is the guy I wanted to meet you."

"How's it going?" Another asked of me.

"Hey," I said, awkwardly.

"That's Adam," she explained. Then, she named each of the members in turn. "In the front, Stefan, then, Blake, Xander, and Raz. And there you have it: Death to Paris!" They each nodded at me.

Stefan leaned down and whispered something in Fiona's ear. She giggled. My stomach hurt. And this time, it wasn't cramps.

"Well, you should go play meet-and-greet with your new fans before your second set," Fiona advised.

They agreed, and we said our goodbyes. Fiona was beaming. "Aren't they fantastic?"

"Yeah, sure," I said. Fiona frowned. My tone was obvious in the lighter music.

"Oh," she said, sadly. "I really thought you'd like them."

"Yeah, well... they're okay." I allowed.

Fiona was looking honestly upset. I frowned. "I-I mean... they're great!" I said, quickly.

She sighed. "You don't have to say that just to make me feel better, Adam," she said.

"I'm not!" I said. "I really do like their music, I just..."

"What?" Fiona asked, staring at me.

My heart skipped a beat. What could I say? "I... I was just wondering..."

I couldn't do it. But I had to say something.


I sighed. "Are you... like... into Stefan?"

Fiona burst into laughter. "What? Seriously??"

I felt like an idiot. Again. "Yeah, seriously... but never mind."

"Stefan... isn't my type," she said, no longer laughing. "If I was going to date someone in the band, it would be Raz. He's the one writing the amazing lyrics."

"Oh." I frowned. That wasn't as comforting as I'd have liked.

"He's a total sweetheart," Fiona said, glancing at him greeting some fans. I wanted to punch him. "But his heart is currently taken," she continued, matter-of-factly. And she turned back to me. "And so is mine."

"Wh-what?! Who...?" I asked, desperately.

Fiona laughed ever so sweetly. Oh. Idiot.

I felt like I was spinning. So, she didn't think of me as a girl-friend. Fiona was just acting... like Fiona.

"You want to dance?" she asked, casually. There was a soft, slow song on.

"...yeah," I said. "But you have to let me lead."

Fiona smiled. "Sure."

I don't know if I'd ever felt the way I felt now, holding Fiona close to me. We seemed to be leaning closer and closer as the song went on. But after awhile, I started to notice that Fiona was looking off to the side, unhappily.

"Is... something wrong?" I asked. 'Please say no.' I thought, frantically.

"I don't know," she said, quietly. My heart was breaking open.

"Do you want to go?" I asked. I didn't dare think what she'd say, in fear of jinxing myself.

Fiona shook her head, then she looked me right in the eyes. "Listen, there are some things you should know about me... before we get serious."

I was glad she said 'before' and not 'if'.

"Okay," I said.

"I'm not exactly... normal." she said. I understood that. "I have a therapist, and I'm on anxiety meds."

I didn't know how to respond. "That's just who I am," she added.

"...I understand..." I said, carefully. My cheeks were growing warmer. "I mean, I'm not exactly normal, either."

Fiona smiled. "I kind of like that about you."

The slow song ended, and Death to Paris got back on the stage for their second set. Fiona and I sighed at almost the same moment. Then, Fiona giggled. I liked being the one to make her do that.

We parted slowly and watched the band again.

When the night was coming to a close, Fiona turned to me. "Should I walk you home?"

I frowned. "How about I walk you home?"

"I'd like that." Fiona said.

I cautiously reached for her hand. Quickly, I glanced at her face. She wasn't looking my way, but her lips were curled into a smile. I let out my held breath.

We talked mostly about our favorite songs from the band. I realized more and more that I really had enjoyed them a lot.

"You know," Fiona said, nonchalantly. "I asked the band to come for you."

I smiled and laughed, blushing. "Thanks."

"No problem."

We were at her apartment long before I would have liked. I wasn't ready to go home. I tried to gather my courage. "Can I maybe... come in and see your apartment?"

"Next time," Fiona said. "It's getting late, and I promised Declan I'd call tonight."

I tried to not get jealous of Fiona's brother and realized my mom would freak if I got home too late. "Okay." I tried to smile. She had said 'next time'.

We stood quietly for a minute. I wasn't sure what I should do. I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn't sure if I should... I had, at least, realized that it was a date.

Fiona was giving me a look similar to when she had wanted me to take the tampon. I gathered my courage again and walked towards her. She leaned down.

Every other sense seemed to shut down around me. All I could do was feel. I didn't want to stop, even if I came home to my mom screaming. But eventually, it was over. We parted... slowly, again.

I tried not to, but I sighed. My first kiss.


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