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Short Story - Not One To

Not One To

Short Story - Rating: PG - Category: Angst/Fantasy

"And you're going to give him another chance, aren't you?" No, he was not one to beat around the bush.


The wind blew silent and warm. I knew he was there... watching me cry. I couldn't see him, but his image was sketched in my mind. His outward look was disapproving, but inside he was in between being hurt... and seething.

"And you're going to give him another chance, aren't you?"

No, he was not one to beat around the bush.

"I'm the one that needs a second chance."

I could feel his nerves tense. He wasn't happy. Tears burned at the sides of his eyes, but he didn't let them out. No, he was not one to cry. I could hear the anger shaking in his voice as he cursed.

"So he's giving you another chance?"

I could barely manage to whisper my next words. "I don't know. He's... thinking about it."

His fist went slamming into the wall, and for once,I was relieved that I was the only one who could hear it. Sickness gripped my stomach along with the feeling that I was soon to retch.

"I'm not like him either."

I sighed. He'd never pick. No one would be good enough.

"I've lived in my mind for too long. I'm going crazy. I can't function anymore." I paused, knowing that the next few words would kill him. "I need someone real... Morgan."


A/N: Forgive me, Morgan. I promise not to digress like this again. ~_~;

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