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Sparks Legacy - Part 3.2

Sakuya: Dear Blog, I have been chosen as heiress!!!

Wow, makeovers do make a big difference. Welcome to the family, Anthony.

The pressure is on, Sakuya. But... don't strain yourself...

Someone else is using the hot tub this time around.

The pressure is off for Arinasa. But... don't stay like that all night, Dear.

Jimmy, the only single roomate, seems to be glad that Arinasa is free.

Anthony becomes a Junior, and Sakuya rewards him with a back rub. HeH. <3

Our girls become Juniors!

Tyler becomes a Junior... and celebrates by mocking our heiress? :/

Welcome, new student, Tucker... Penny.

Sakuya welcomes him excitedly.

Sakuya: This is my dorm, and I'm the heiress!

Tyler asks Arinasa on a date. Just remember, Tyler, she's a free bird now.

Were you list- oh, never mind. Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.

And he will...

Uh... hey, Anthony.

Jimmy: I'll be graduating soon, so if you want to fool around...

Look at that face...

Arinasa: This is my kind of date!

Jimmy: Hey, you, I'm interrupting my date with Ari to fulfill my "Meet Someone New" want. You cool with that?

Arinasa: I'm thinking about popping my foot, but I'm not sure if you're worth that yet.

This doesn't look weird at all...

Let's slow dance instead...

They're actually pretty cute.

Wendy: I admire you.
Sakuya: That's right, I'm heiress. Me!

Tyler: I will not give you up!

Tyler: In fact, take me; I'm yours!

Tyler: See, we can be cute, too.

You don't have to convince me, Tyler.

Tyler: I'm a good kisser, too!

And cue the romantic music!

Cheerleader: Go, Anthony! You can lose it! YaY!

Trying to get these two to talk after Jimmy caught her cheating.

Arinasa in her quest for first dates asks Diago out. I feel bad for Wendy, but he's a Romance sim, so it was bound to happen eventually.

Consort Capp is ashamed of this display.

Cornwell, as well?

This will help the tension?

Arinasa is thrilled to be in love with three guys at once.

Consort feels much the opposite.

Diago is proud of beating an old man...

Look who stopped by for a pillow fight.

Sakuya reaches the top of the Body skill.

Wendy graduates.

As does Jimmy.

Arinasa works on her paper.

Then, relaxes with her favorite hobby.

And this...

And a thinly veiled attempt at flirting with the Freshman.

Anthony: *Knows*

After a very successful exam, our girls become Seniors. Less successfully, Tyler does as well.

Well, good morning...

Tear called for Tyler... I guess we know who she favors.

Sakuya is doing well, but she's way behind on her Mechanical skill.

Something that worries me: Anthony and Arinasa... they have 2 bolts.

:/ Yeah. That's not good.


Sakuya is oblivious.

And downstairs, is a disaster.

So, Anthony now has a want to get engaged to Arinasa. Geez. Romance sims can destroy a family in no time flat. Now, I have another issue. I don't think that Sakuya should marry someone, who cheated on her. Especially, with her sister.

So, I have them argue.

And fight.

And break up.

Oh, Lord... I totally think I'm going to cry. But I didn't want him to become a serious cheater. I'd rather they just break up.

Then, this happens. Well, that was your choice, Anthony.


He's hit rock bottom.

I feel awful. But I let sims have what they want. Or think they want. Hm.

Sakuya throws herself into studies.

Trying to get the guys to talk.

What, you didn't have a bowling alley in your dorm? *Never went to college*

The hurt bond... Hmmm.

They seem to be getting close. They don't have any bolts, but they are spending a lot of time together.

Anthony: ... *Hollow inside*

That changes quickly.

Anthony: Let's flirt in Tyler's room while he's sleeping!

Or this could happen.

And the girls complete their Senior Year.

I let Anthony try again.

These two are friends again.

I still wonder about Tyler and Sakuya, though.

I make Anthony apologize.

Someone's been working out too hard.

At Sakuya's grad party, Tucker and Connor talk.

Sakuya transitions into the perfect outfit for her name!

Guess who made up?

And Arinasa graduates.

Later, Tyler graduates, and Anthony flunks his final semester.

So, I take Sakuya home and try to decide what to do. She hates Anthony and is in love with Tucker, though they don't have the best chemistry.

Tucker just lets himself in. Guess he thinks he's a shoo-in.

And Faxen watches while Sakuya proposes.

Hmm. Caught Anthony walking by.

The effect of this computer with this desk is so cool. I think I've said that before, but whatever.

The next day, Sakuya gets a job in Law Enforcement.

Nery scares Connor. :/

Because I'm crazy, we have room, and we can afford it...

Sakuya learns Fire Safety. Then, Anger Management.

Nery strikes again.

Tear learns Physiology. Maybe, that will help her live longer?

Well, this will!

Meanwhile, something terrible happens upstairs. Stupid bike exhaustion. I knew exercise was secretly evil! I try to get Tear upstairs in time to plead, but one of the cats was in the way.

The cats yowl away. :(

I put Sakuya here for now, but I don't know if I can handle this.

For now, though, I move Arinasa in.

And Faxen dies of old age. :(

Arinasa may seem like she doesn't care, but she has wants to resurrect both of them.

What on Earth? I swear the Sparks family may be the most cursed family I've ever had. Maybe even more than my early days of the Goth family. Luckily, Connor calls the fire department, and no one is hurt.

Money is coming in nicely, so they get a pool as well.

Arinasa also wants to go to the beach, but we might wait on that one.

They're stil quite in love.

Narla dies.

Connor learns Physiology.

Since he's a counterfeiter anyway...

Surprise! Wait, you knew I'd do that? Oh.

Serious cop face.

Oh, hello. Welcome to the house.

Yeah, this won't be awkward at all...

So, now that Sakuya is back, should I move Arinasa and Anthony out to spare her feelings? Or should we go for the drama and do double heiresses? I should also note that I discovered outside the realm of the Sparks family that Tucker has 3 bolts with another sim, so I will probably break him and Sakuya up.

Tell me what you want to see happen!

Sparks Legacy
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