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Sparks Legacy - Part 4.0

So, after the last part, it was time to make some decisions. For now, I'm going to keep both girls at the house. I'm still deciding who to pair Sakuya with. I also gave Anthony Popularity secondary, since I rolled Family for him, and he already had it.

Found these two fighting at a party.

Back at the house, Connor gets to know some of Anthony's family.

Arinasa: Look at my lovely ring. Sure, I still want 50 first dates, but look at that diamond.

Inspiring, Dear. :/

5 minutes later...


Another minute later... ~_~;

We did get a lot of insurance money... but I want my Tear back. :(

The sisters couldn't decide who would get the master bedroom, so...

Yes, please, start getting along again. I know it's hard, but please.

Sakuya discusses her marriage options with Connor during a Father-Daughter chess match.

Sakuya is very happy about this apology I had Anthony make. But you know, Sakuya, that drink Anthony want? That's never going to happen.

I'm updating the house little by little with all the money we've got. The outside of this house is getting crazy; just watch for it...

Arinasa earns max Creativity with her wanted DJ Booth.

Just missed a scare from Nery.

More Father-Daughter chess. Connor gets max Logic.

So much crazy going on here. New police chief, Sakuya, is beating up Anthony, while Sarah floats on through. I think the making up idea is ruined. Can't say I blame Sakuya for that, though.

And as they fight...

Anthony and Ari get married, but I wonder how this will go...

Next thing I know, Anthony dies of hunger next to a big plate of fish. Now, I was having him do something else, but I rushed him to the food, when I saw how low he was. I guess it is my fault, but how do sims with plenty of money and food in the fridge get so low, anyhow?

Afterwards, I fill the fridge with leftover fish. Hopefully, this won't happen again. By the way, the thing Anthony was doing...?

Getting Ari pregnant.

Who are you calling there, Ari?


And immediately, the fighting starts again.

I get Sakuya a swim to cool off.


Welcome to the world, Mia. You know, for a Pleasure/Romance sim, Arinasa sure looks like a happy new mom. I'm proud of her.

Now, I see what may have happened last time. Anthony is scared to death.

Ari begs.

And wins!

I don't know what that face means, but...

A good chance card decision has Sakuya reaching her lifetime want! First sim in the family to do so.

Up, up!

And away!

Anthony wanted to fall back in love, so...

They're both happy, but where is Mia?

Yeah, great parenting, guys.

Right afterwards, she did this herself. Well, all right. She can learn.

Now that she's a heroine, Sakuya wants to settle down. At Mia's birthday party I decide to try this pairing... That's Jim Goble if you didn't remember. He's also in a relationship with someone, who has three bolts with someone else.

Mia as a toddler with lovely Auntie Sakuya.

And randomly, I catch this happening at a party.

A minute later at the same party, Sakuya finds out about Tucker's three bolter girlfriend with whom he has a daughter.

New cat, Sweets!

I start to get serious about Ari's 50 dates want.

Ari: This is my bowling stunt position. I like to make references, that only I could possibly get.

The date goes well, while Anthony drinks alone outside in the cold.

Randomly, Sweets was sitting next to a full bowl of food, that was there for hours, and she gets taken away for starving? That's happened to me in other houses, and I smell a glitch.

Luckily, our other little one is doing well.

And ironically, eats Sweets' food.

I get Anthony a date, because I feel bad for him.

Ari's face, when she catches him on a date. :( But honey, you're the one, who's always cheating. Still, though... *Hugs*

Mia grows up. Cute, huh? ^_^

Sakuya wants to learn couple's counseling. To reunite Ari and Anthony? But why? She hates him. Maybe for Mia's sake? She doesn't finish, anyhow.

So, I discovered someone Sakuya has three bolts with: D.J. Bondek, son of Daniel Bondek and Stella Terrano. He's older, obviously, but Sakuya really likes him. I figure I'll give it a try.


Slow dancing.

I think it's working.

Love! <3

Mia looks like she has a passion for singing, although her favorite hobby is sports.

We got a lamp!

Ari wishes for beauty.

Sakuya wishes to cheat death.

Mia wishes for peace of mind.

And plays happily.

We adopt Sweets again.

Mia up late playing with dolls.

Now, learning to study from Arinasa.

Look who's flirting again. Anthony is a glutton for punishment.

A lot going on again: Arinasa catches Diago flirting with his longtime girlfriend, and Anthony's still attracted to Sakuya, among other things.

Never gets old!

Yeah... rebound time.

And then, bad things went down in the kitchen.

Mia grows up and rolls family! Her turn ons are glasses and charisma, and she doesn't like fitness.

And Ari gets old... while Mia throws a tantrum.

I set Anthony up on another blind date, because he wants more children, and I just can't see it working out with either Sparks girl. Unfortunately, Ari was still in love with him, and her bad vibes ruined the date. Still, they manage to connect.

After the date, Anthony had a want to apologize.

Some flirting...

Ari retaliates with her own new date.

Crepe fire!

Come on, Mia!


Mother-Daughter singing. Funny part is that Mia lost points for this. Maybe, she's embarrassed.

Mia hates to see her Mom fighting.

Cute shot of Sweets!


Pretty! And I guess we know who's heir!

This romance is blossoming. Hilary Capp has also made friends with Mia, and Sakuya likes her, too. Only Ari hates her...

D.J. moves in.

And invites his old fiance over to tell her their news.

D.J. : *Drama*

Sakuya: Oh, look... a bird.

At night, Sakuya?

And a proposal!

Another date. I doubt we'll hit 50, but I can try.


New bird, Martha.

A lovely little wedding! Afterwards, Sakuya immediately throws an anniversary party, granting her another lifetime want!

So, Mia will be heading off to college soon. I'm really sad Sakuya didn't have kids, but she was really focused on her job, and I was having such a hard time matching her up. I think she is really happy now, at least.

Sparks Legacy
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