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Muse Murmurs

Valerie Rutherford's Creative Collection

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Valerie Rutherford's creative community for writing and graphics!

Muse Murmurs is a personal creative community for Valerie M. Rutherford and Morgan, the muse who murmurs in her ear. This community has gone mostly quiet, because I'm working on my novels. Maybe I'll talk about those here, too. But until then, I will occasionally post other new things here.

My passion is writing. Most of the writing that you'll find here is Harry Potter fanfiction, but you'll find a poem or two in between, as well as some other writing in the future. The Timeline Universe takes most of my creative energy now, so the other writing can get neglected at times, but I promise I'll never completely abandon it. I'm currently working on Hate You, Hate Me, but I have a few other Harry Potter stories developing on the sidelines, as well as some ideas for other fandoms.

My usual Beta was the lovely fluffyfledgling. The awesome chibisah sometimes beta-ed my Degrassi fics.

Master Story Links

I occasionally make icons from screencaps and other pictures from a variety of fandoms. I mostly make Ai Yazawa icons at the present time.

I try to keep up with crediting as best I can, but if I missed you, please let me know, and I'll add you in!

Graphic Resources

I am still running my Sims 2 Legacy Challenge from 2007. Hopefully, I can make it interesting enough for people to actually continue to read it. I do plan to finish eventually, because I still play The Sims 2 quite frequently.

Sparks Legacy Challenge


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Have a personal icon/graphic/writing/anything creative journal and want to be an affiliate? Just let me know! I will most likely say yes!

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